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Abraham-Hicks Vs Eckhart Tolle

Is there a conflict between the Law of Attraction and being present in the now?If you've read books from Eckhart Tolle and Abraham Hicks then you may be seeing conflicting information between the two teachings.

Primarily with the Law of Attraction style of teaching (Abraham-Hicks, "The Secret", etc), we are told to go into past or future and visualize something as if we've already experienced it. (This of course isn't the only way to deliberately use the Law of Attraction, but it's the most common method that people speak of.)

Then there's Eckhart telling us to stay present in the NOW moment as much as possible without giving any attention (food) to the ego which loves being in the past or future, but cannot stand being in the present.

At first I felt a conflict and I tried to justify it. Eventually I was able to see that both teachings are separate and both beautiful in their own way. My own personal view is that both of these styles of teachings have been born out of a need and massive desire by mass consciousness.

For many years now, people have been flocking to Abraham-Hicks to experience their marvellous workshops and cruises. Abraham tells us that the only reason they are here with us is because we've been asking so many questions and the so the response to these questions was birthed with Abraham.

It is our mass consciousness desire which created Abraham. Abraham has shared with us the emotional guidance scale which lists 22 of our most common emotions, at the top is Love and at the bottom is Fear.

When Esther Hicks channels Abraham, she is in a state of pure love and allows source energy to flow through her.This is the state in which I believe Eckhart Tolle is grounded in and speaks of within his books. It is this which he calls stillness. Thoughtless presence... Stillness within... The power of Now.

Again, the teachings shared by Eckhart were born out of a need and desire by the mass consciousness. Perhaps more and more people are finding that fulfillment does not come from manifestation, but from the journey of life itself and so this teaching has come more to light?

I'm not completely sure as to why this teaching is being made available to more and more people recently, but I'm okay with not knowing why.

It's worth noting that the teachings of Eckhart Tolle and the teachings of Abraham-Hicks have been around for centuries. Sacred documents and other spiritual teachers have been teaching the same principles that are commonly known today, for hundreds of years prior.

A great awakening really is happening right now... we can see it by the massive increase in interest in spiritualism. And you're on the leading edge - enjoy the ride!

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