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Higher Consciousness

by Michael Domeyko Rowland

The part of you that is reading this is called consciousness. It is the essence of your being and the hidden power that creates your life. If you truly want changes and improvements, it is necessary to thoroughly understand your consciousness and increase its power.

There are three known levels to consciousness. The first is the simple consciousness of animals, the second is the normal self-consciousness of every human, and the third, which is the next stage we are all evolving to, is called Universal or sometimes Cosmic Consciousness.

When you concentrate on increasing your consciousness, all your existing powers and skills become stronger, and you discover that you can easily awaken more abilities.

The difference between people can be very easily understood as a difference in their level of consciousness. This is why communication can be hard. People are on different levels. It is also why some people can be successful, while other fail.

In the 19th century, a Canadian psychiatrist Richard Maurice Bucke developed the term Cosmic Consciousness in which he said that there was a higher state, above and beyond the state of man's ordinary, every day consciousness.

He himself experienced a radical transformation of his perceptions in which he saw everything as alive and with a staggering richness of colour, intensity and beauty that put him in a state of awe. He then spent his life studying this phenomenon.

He found that people who had accessed this greater consciousness were gifted with extraordinary creative powers. They were recognised as geniuses and some became spiritual leaders, others artists and writers or scientists and inventors.

There were also many who lived ordinary householder lives, helping their communities.

Today this study is know as Transpersonal Psychology and Bucke’s contribution is one of the foundations of it. Transpersonal Psychology is the examination of humanity’s highest potential.

Most people live with blinkers on. Their vision is restricted by the demands of life, but also because they do not know that they have a vast, untapped potential sitting right inside them.

When you realise this, and you learn and practice the correct methods, you open yourself to a higher consciousness. Everything then changes.

There is nothing more powerful for rapid change than increasing the power of your consciousness.

Higher Consciousness is something that literally flows into you. It is a biological phenomenon. It is not like building muscles, but more a surrender to your own higher intelligence. It pours from a Universal source into your awareness.

To help you to understand and do this, we have created a retreat in January that will give you the opportunity to put the time aside to discover what to do, as well as do it. Nothing is more useful or practical as the means to vastly improve your life.

We will be using the ancient methods of chanting and meditation, with special emphasis on taking off the blinkers and allowing more consciousness to enter into your being.

This will result in all the benefits described above, which can be summed up as a far greater perception and insight into life. Your personal power will increase and your ability to act and attract new experiences will become greater.

You will experience more intuition and the so-called extra sensory perceptions will begin to open up. These are only aspects of higher consciousness.

If you would really like to be given the supercharged fuel for your own personal development and success in life, then this knowledge is essential for you. When you know how to increase your consciousness, you will be able to apply it to everything in your life, with amazing success.

Give your self the best present ever by focusing on what is actually creating your life and open to a completely new way of understanding of how to get what you want.


Higher Consciousness Retreat

Please book as soon as possible as last year’s January Retreat sold out.

Dates: Saturday 22nd, Sunday 23rd and Monday 24th of January 2011
Venue: The Holiday Inn, 22 View Street, Surfers Paradise
Fee: (includes morning and afternoon tea and lunch): $660 per person includes gst.

Please email now to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to secure your place.

For more information about Michael Domeyko Rowland, visit his website http://absolutehappiness.com

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