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New, Better YOU in 2011

Make New Years' Resoultions Work for You

by Debra Thompson

Starting on January 3rd, the New YOU Year begins. Join me and over three dozen experts in a first-of-its-kind tele-seminar intensive.
It's called a New YOU Year, and it covers a whole range of topics that are on everyone's mind this time of year. I'll be interviewing some top names in the self-improvement field. Many are not familiar with energy work, but will be when we're done with them.

Taking part are experts in health, nutrition and fitness like JJ Virgin, Andrea Albright, and Rose Cole. Goal achievement gurus Gary Ryan Blair and Michael Angier are taking part, along with folks who can show you how to bust out and live the life you want, like Sam Crowley, Amy Ahlers, and Glenn Dietzel. Put the power of your mind to work with Paul Scheele of Learning Strategies, author Gina Mollicone-Long, and innovator Tony Dosanjh.

If you are starting a business, you'll want to hear fromTana Tarrano, Jeffrey Howard, and Bonnie Ross Parker. We'vegot self esteem expert Joe Rubino, and spiritual story teller Chris Cade, along with six time Olympian Anne Audain. Motivational speaker Sonia Ricotti and Mid-Life strategist
Sandra Levitin-Morgan will bring unique perspectives as well. We've also got a couple of people from the energy world you know, Nick Ortner and Margaret Lynch.

Here's why this is so exciting. Each call will be co-hosted by a specialist in energy psychology, who'll be helping us uncover the blocks and barriers that hold you back from achieving your goals.

My co-hosts will include many of your favorites from Living Energy Secrets, including Dr. Brad Nelson, Tapas Fleming, Mary Sise, Christel Hughes, Karin Davidson, Carol Solomon, Brad Yates, Dr. Tom and Birgit Hanson, Drs. Jane and Phillip Mountrose, Ann Taylor, and Dr. Noah St. John.

This has the potential to break energy work out to a whole new audience. These calls are going to be practical, nuts and bolts call designed to put energy to work for you. If there was ever a way to introduce energy work to people who may not "get it" yet, this is it.

We're doing 20 calls in 26 days starting January 3rd. Whew!
This event is going heat up your January like never before.
Be sure and sign up right now, while it's on your mind. You'll get a great guide on New Years Resolution success and some other goodies just for joining. And all the calls are free, along with the 48 hour replays. You'll also have a chance to get in on some really cool things we're planning for 2011 for next to nothing. See you in the New YOU Year!



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