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Why You Have the WHOLE Concept of

Manifesting Abundance With the Law of Attraction


By Ike Love

When you use the Law of Attraction for the intent of manifesting abundance, what is the logical, most common sense approach that you use?

Well, if you're like most people, when you have a particular desire that you intend to manifest, you keep your mind focused on how badly you want that thing, how much you need it in your life, and how much better your life would be if you had that thing.

You also ponder to yourself how grateful, happy and joyous you would be if you had that very thing come into fruition in your life. You also tell yourself you'll be happy when things get "better".

When something does come your way that's not your desire in its entirety, but a small portion, like for instance, finding a nickel on the street as opposed to getting that million dollar deal for your business, you get indignant, and shake your fist at the Universe for playing with your emotions.

When it looks as if your desires are coming into fruition, you're happy and positive, but when it looks as if your desires aren't coming into fruition, you get discouraged, depressed, or negative and doubt the Law of Attraction is working.

You also put all your time, effort and energy into manifesting your desires because you feel that it is all up to you.

And you know what? Because you behave like MOST people who have hopes of manifesting abundance with the Law of Attraction, you wind up getting the same results that most people get: NOTHING.

Most people fail with the Law of Attraction because they don't know what they're doing, and they're completely unaware that they have everything BACKWARDS.

People fail at manifesting abundance with the Law of Attraction because they try to put the cart before the horse, they try to get before they give, and they try to reap before they sow.

They try to use a common-sense approach to the Law of Attraction, and if you don't already know, 'common-sense" is the reason why most people live mediocre, dull, unfulfilling lives.

For you to get results out of the Law of Attraction that go above and beyond the common masses that continue to fail with it, you have to know something that they don't know.

There is a RIGHT way to use the Law of Attraction and its accompanying laws of reality creation (yes, the Law of Attraction isn't the only law of reality creation), and there is a WRONG way.

My friend, it's time for you to learn the right way.

There are people out there who have created lives that will blow your mind because they have learned how to master the Law of Attraction.

You can only master something when you learn how to PROPERLY use it.

Well, I'm giving you the chance now. Visit RIGHT NOW, and learn how to properly use the Law of Attraction to get the results that you deserve. Learn what you've been doing wrong up until now and learn EVERYTHING you need to know to finally start manifesting abundance in your life.

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